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Kara Thomas is a Registered Nurse with post graduate Perioperative specialisation and a Masters in Community and International Development. She has held clinical team leading and research positions and is now the Secretary of the Australian Medical Professionals' Society (AMPS). She is devoted to seeking evidence-based health and safety policy that provides the best outcomes for Australians.

The truth behind Covid may turn the world upside down, or indeed right side up. The questions are: Does the truth set us free? And how many love truth above all else?
Can there be trust in public health without access to truth, without honourable conduct, and without integrity? And what happens when our medical, bureaucratic, political, journalistic, and legal authoritarians appear to be bereft of the character traits that create trust?
It appears that we live in a reality where doctors are censored and early treatments such as ivermectin are banned, apparently to ensure public confidence in the government’s vaccine rollout is not undermined.
We genuinely urge doctors involved with medical regulation not to go down with the sinking ship of authoritarian censorship and suppression of intellectual freedom. Not only is this behaviour historically illiterate and intellectually feeble, but it is putting the safety of patients at risk, causing hazards to public health, runs

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