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Julie Sladden is a doctor and writer with over 25 years clinical experience across multiple disciplines in Australia and the UK. She is a passionate advocate for professionalism, ethics and transparency in healthcare.

When the Senate Select Committee on Covid handed down its final report in April 2022, several failures in Australia’s pandemic response were identified. In total, 19 recommendations were made including: ‘The Committee recommends that a Royal Commission be established to examine Australia’s response to the Covid pandemic to inform preparedness for future
It seems like a lifetime ago that an enjoyable night in consisted of the couch, popcorn, and a feel-good movie. Not anymore. With the hotbed of post-pandemic questions filtering through Australia’s Parliament, I’ve discovered riveting viewing can be found in an evening of ‘Senate-estimates-live’ if you get the right participants.
Few would disagree that the health of the children today foreshadows the health of the population tomorrow. The past three years of pandemic fear and dystopia have upset any preconceived ideas that the health of the people is on solid ground. In a worldwide response that saw nations lockdown, mask
The bombshell discovery of DNA contamination in mRNA Covid shots has shocked and alarmed scientists around the globe. They are calling on regulators to urgently stop the injections and conduct a full safety evaluation.
The announcement of the Labor Government’s proposed ‘misinformation’ Bill, while alarming, is not surprising. Anyone paying attention in recent years, especially the last three, will have noticed that our ‘freedom of speech’ has already been significantly curtailed through online censorship, government censorship and self-censorship. This is a worrying trend.
Lighthouses have served mariners for centuries, warning of nearby dangers. Cape Byron is no exception, guiding the route of countless mariners with its beams offering security and guidance. It seems, therefore, a fitting place for three resolute Australian health professionals, to gather and make a declaration against the censorship, coercion,
If McKernan’s findings are verified, the implications are serious. Widespread DNA contamination would bring into question the quality of the entire mRNA injection manufacturing process, safety systems, and regulatory oversight. In addition, DNA might not be the only contaminant. 
On May 3, 2023, the TGA quietly announced it was removing the prescribing restrictions on ivermectin. These restrictions were imposed on September 10, 2021 in an effort to stop doctors prescribing the drug to treat Covid.
Did mass coercion make informed consent to the Covid jabs impossible? ‘I had my shots but I’m not having any more’ is a phrase I’ve heard more than once. A little over a year ago thousands marched the streets of Australia protesting the mandates. But what about all those who took the
Three dedicated, courageous and outspoken health practitioners have launched the Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration, aimed at encouraging health professionals to speak out against censorship and intimidation tactics employed by governments, bureaucrats, and regulatory bodies.

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