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Jörg Probst is a Sydney-based Swiss-born polyglot Australian researcher and commentator with a passion for promoting critical and independent thinking. He studied philosophy, psychology and law, practised as a lawyer and now works as a legal researcher.

It was without a doubt the interview of the year.[1] On 6 February 2024, US journalist Tucker Carlson talked with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Even more fascinating than the 2-hour conversation itself was how the media reported on this event.
This post contains the full session recordings of the Progress Through Science and Freedom Conference.
If you consume nothing but mainstream news you probably never heard there are people who actually doubt the existence of viruses, and even if you were aware, you would probably simply dismiss it as yet another tin-foil hat conspiracy theory.
Ironically, it is the biggest vaccination operation in history, made possible through the fastest, unquestionably most sciency science ever that has probably led to more people than ever becoming aware that maybe, just maybe, not everything is as it seems in the world of vaccine science.
Thanks to covid more people know what PCR is than the inventor of this widely used biochemical detection method could have dared to imagine.
If you are looking for a contemporary book about science that is accessible, meaning free of jargon, and full of illustrative examples, then Science Fiction by Stuart Ritchie is for you.
Singapore has announced an overhaul of its healthcare system.
There can be no doubt that Australia, like many other countries, is experiencing significantly higher overall mortality since 2021.
Three dedicated, courageous and outspoken health practitioners have launched the Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration, aimed at encouraging health professionals to speak out against censorship and intimidation tactics employed by governments, bureaucrats, and regulatory bodies.

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