Dr Michael Keane

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Dr Michael Keane is an adjunct associate professor at Swinburne University, an adjunct senior lecturer at Monash University and specialist anaesthesiologist, working in both the public and private systems. His main research interests include challenging establishment dogmatic paradigms, especially when those paradigms are not fit for complex systems. And to borrow a phrase from a famous movie, he believes that helping underdogs fight back when getting pushed around is a most rewarding part of academic life.

We genuinely urge doctors involved with medical regulation not to go down with the sinking ship of authoritarian censorship and suppression of intellectual freedom. Not only is this behaviour historically illiterate and intellectually feeble, but it is putting the safety of patients at risk, causing hazards to public health, runs
When it comes to climate change, do you think that medical journals publish all the science that’s fit to print? Think again. It’s important to share my experience, so that when you hear activists claim “the science says” you can understand that data or analysis must first conform to the values of climate

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