Aseem Malhotra: truth seeker and a truth teller

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It’s been said that in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Are you free if you believe a lie? Is ignorance bliss? Is it ethical to choose position and financial security over patient wellbeing where there is a threat to your career but silence can be deadly?

These are important questions that go to the core of what it means to be human and how we should live. The answers to these questions and the actions taken from here may well decide the future of medicine and health care in this country, not to mention human flourishing. As Vishal Mangalwadi, wrote in his intriguing book titled Truth and Transformation – a manifesto for ailing nations: ‘Untruth is the foundation of slavery. Proclamation of truth, therefore, is a basic means of setting people free from oppression and exploitation.’

The truth behind Covid may turn the world upside down, or indeed right side up. The questions are: Does the truth set us free? And how many love truth above all else?

Dr Aseem Malhotra exemplifies what it is to be a truth seeker and a truth teller. Perhaps he could be described as a medical revolutionary who takes his oath very seriously to first do no harm. He has sacrificed a great deal as he continues to fight against big food and big pharma. As he says:

‘Medical and regulatory authorities have supported unethical, coercive, and misinformed policies. These regrettable actions are a symptom of the medical misinformation mess – the tip of a mortality iceberg where prescribed medications are estimated to be the third most common cause of death globally.’

Dr Malhotra is a relentless public health campaigner, world-renowned author, and cardiologist. He is coming to Australia. His national tour, Curing the Corruption of Medicine begins in Sydney on Saturday, 27 May 2023 and continues around Australia ending on 10 June 2023 in Perth. Tickets can be secured by clicking here. Together with fellow health professionals and Australians injured by the Covid vaccines, Dr Malhotra is supporting the continuing fight to restore medical ethics, evidence-based practice, informed consent, and transparency in health.

The last three years have revealed how enslaved our nation has become to the will of corporate ideologues in big pharma, big media, big finance, and big government who seem to prioritise profit over people. This enslavement, and it is nothing less, may help to explain the high excess death rates being witnessed now at more than 15 per cent above baseline mortality. Australian and global data show a mass casualty event, but our political and medical authorities seem to think there is nothing worth investigating. Is this wilful blindness or a reckless indifference to the suffering of Australians, caused by what Dr Malhotra has said is ‘the greatest miscarriage of medical science we will witness in our lifetime’?

Our population has been led like sheep to submit to public policies and mandated provisional novel, gene-based vaccines built on what can only be described as false and misleading information passed to a terrified populace. This public control through lockstep media messaging, medical misinformation, and medical censorship has created a good business model for big pharma. What has been the cost to humanity? In the presence of unprecedented deaths and adverse reactions, why has the TGA, who are meant to keep guard, not pulled the Covid vaccines pending a full investigation? It defies logic.

Australians have endured three years of relentless psychological manipulation through media and propaganda, misinformation from authorities, and medical censorship designed to create an illusion of consensus by our own government and authorities entrusted with our protection. It became obvious quickly that this was not about ‘following the science’ or ‘keeping people safe’.

Masks do not work to stop transmission, the box says they don’t work, our own government documents have said they don’t work, and almost all the scientific literature until recently said they don’t work. But governments, at the behest of medical authoritarians, force-masked our entire population (including healthy people and children) which created fear through a visual reminder about the invisible Covid threat.

Our government locked down Australia, essentially incarcerating the population, following what appears to be politically-based and not evidence-based science. The focused protection model recommended by The Great Barrington Declaration and supported by our original pandemic preparedness plans may well have saved lives and lessened the economic devastation and its consequences now being endured.

Australians were denied early treatment options such as Ivermectin because all of a sudden one of the world’s safest essential medicines became unsafe just before the vaccine mandates and safe again in 2023 as vaccine uptake plummeted. Coincidence?

Australian people were tracked, traced, quarantined, shamed, and finally threatened into submitting to a vaccination-only strategy. A brief read of our government’s documents, and viewing Senate Estimate questioning, shows how potentially unsafe and ineffective these gene-based pharmaceuticals were. Public health looks to have been used against a trusting population for what seems the financial benefit of corporate profits assisted by misinformed politicians. Australians have a right to feel violated. If medical regulators believe their job is primarily to protect the government public health messaging rather than public protection then the corruption of medicine is complete.

Australians have been denied access to the truth for reasons such as commercial confidence. Goebbels’ big lie is in full operation. The illusion that these enforced harmful unscientific policies kept people safe is being maintained through an ongoing coverup of denied, hidden, destroyed, or unreported data and continued medical and media censorship. Science has been hijacked by politics.

To be deceived without recourse, to suffer harm and be denied recognition or help, to be punished for adhering to bioethical norms, could be likened to psychological torture. Over the last three years, our government has breached many international declarations including: the Nuremberg code, the Declaration of Geneva, the Declaration of Helsinki, and the UNESCO Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights.

History tells us humanity is sadly not inherently good, power corrupts and few are brave enough to choose others over self which is perhaps why history so often repeats. Victor Frankl said he discovered through his experience during the second world war that ‘forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation’. In my opinion, we are at a crossroads in medicine where forces beyond individual practitioners’ control have corrupted academia, captured regulators, funded media to control the masses and now all that is left is our response to the truth. If the truth will save lives, how many are willing to stand up for it against powerful forces? The character and courage of Australian health professionals will decide the future direction of medicine. Will we tell the truth like Malhotra?

For many there is an almost overwhelming sense of defeat that threatens to extinguish the fight, but, for the love of truth, people, and freedom there remains hope. When people have a strong reason to fight, the force of their why means they can endure any how. When data and evidence suggest people’s lives are at risk through a failure to adhere to medical ethics and codes of conduct then there are no regulatory threats worth remaining silent for. Silence gives consent. They may take our registration, they may take our careers, but they can never take our freedom to adhere to the physician’s pledge even under threat.

Many were enslaved by lies. Many continue to believe the lies. But many also now know the truth and what happens next will depend on whether we have the courage to speak up for it. Freedom from medical slavery depends on the character of our nation’s medical leaders. Dr Malhotra has the strength of character to choose his patients over his position, as have members of AMPS who I am honoured to work with. How many more will join Dr Malhotra and AMPS to fight to cure the corruption of medicine? It is past time for a healthcare revolution.

Kara Thomas – Secretary of the Australian Medical Professionals’ Society

This article is a republication of an article originally published here by the Spectator Australia.

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