People often say that ‘truth is like a lion’ and needs no defending. If it is let loose, it will fight viciously to maul its way and protect itself.
Prestigious medical journals indeed carry much ‘prestige’, commanding devout respect from the medical community, government, media and public. This prestige hinges on blind trust. Modern-day physicians religiously trust clinical trials that are peer-reviewed, doubly blinded and placebo-controlled. With a little bit of media spin, the studies’ findings become the buzz
Burning fossil fuels doesn’t cause climate change, because carbon dioxide doesn’t cause climate change. It’s not an agreed fact. It was only ever a disputed claim.
Gigi Foster and Dr. Ron Ehrlich discuss the influence of industry on policy and the impact on healthcare.
Job one of ASF was to organise disparate independent thinkers who believe reform is both needed and possible, and broadly adhere to a few core guiding principles, while accepting that not all of those so organised will agree on everything and that that fact is a source of strength.
While a lot of the alleged medical misconduct happens with the knowledge of a certain sect of corrupted scientists and physicians, a large proportion of innocent doctors are victims being exploited to generate lavish profits for the pharmaceutical industry.
Recently, I visited the local emergency department with a family member for what appeared to be a bad flu. For various reasons, this was an eye-opener, especially as I hadn’t been to the emergency department for a while.

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