The War on Men

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Dr David Richards was interviewed by Victor Dalziel to discuss a range of societal issues, including how men have come under attack in Australia and how increased state interference with personal and family relationships has resulted in higher rates of incarceration, family breakdowns, crime, and suicides.

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  • Dr David Richards

    Dr David Richards is an Australian General Practitioner and Adjunct Professor at an Australian University in the faculty of medicine. He graduated from London University in 1984, having also completed an Honours Degree in Human Genetics and Immunology. He has peer reviewed papers for a major European Journal and presented at International Conferences on Genetics and Carotid Ultrasound.

  • Victor Dalziel

    Victor Dalziel, is a self-taught content creator, academic researcher, stylist, and amateur DJ, embodying a critical disposition. Victor has lived, worked, and studied across the world, from China and South Korea to the United Kingdom. With a master's degree in international relations and a PhD in Philosophy [Sociology of Education], Victor's journey has been an unconventional one. Victor's superpower is remaining humble, softly spoken, and affable while maintaining a belly full of fire, passion, and rage! Surviving on less than a shoestring, in early 2023 Victor embarked on a passionate pursuit of his creative vision on YouTube. In a matter of weeks, Victor's content struck a chord with viewers, amassing over 5000+ views and garnering a rapidly growing audience. His unique blend of expertise and creativity, combined with a dry sense of humour connected with viewers from diverse backgrounds. However, it was at this early stage that Victor received a strike, coinciding with his channel temporarily disappearing from the platform. After a period of reflection, Victor has returned and found a new home on free-speech alternative Rumble.

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