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In a previous article, I explained why Emily Oster’s amnesty call for lockdown, mask and vaccine zealots has stirred up white-hot rage.
In a recent column, I explained why Emily Oster’s amnesty call for lockdown and vaccine zealots provoked white-hot rage. A poll conducted on 2 to 4 November found a 39-to-35 majority US opposition to amnesty. The sense of justice, fairness and equity is deeply ingrained in human beings. The victims
When Michael Jackson famously started wearing face masks, many took it as evidence that the great man had succumbed to the windmills of his mind. Yet three decades later it seems that in this respect, along with his other immense talents, he was a man ahead of his time. Just
The new film Amsterdam from David O Russell tells of an almost forgotten moment in American history when, in 1933, a group of fascist businessmen attempted a coup d’etat in the pursuit of unfettered profits. The plot to depose Roosevelt failed when chosen replacement and hero of the war veterans
The Telegraph (UK) reported an interesting case on October 22. A woman, a victim of a previous sexual assault, went into a private hospital in London for a complex colorectal surgery. During the pre-op clinical assessment involving intimate procedures, she encountered someone she believed was a trans-woman in a blonde
Every crisis, they say, is an opportunity. And boy have health bureaucrats and drug regulators exploited the Covid-19 crisis to grab power and gain control over our lives. The latest iteration of this will play out in Brisbane on 11 October with the second reading of an amendment to the
Excess deaths, abuses in medical rights, coerced trials – the disaster of Covid continues in WA Dear Dr Robertson, Chief Health Office of Western Australia, I write to you as a colleague and fellow Western Australian. I want to raise my growing concern about the health worker vaccine and booster
People of a certain age will remember only too well Pastor Martin Niemöller’s poignant lament that as the Nazis hunted down groups one by one, those outside the target groups kept their head down and voice quiet in order to stay out of trouble. “Then they came for me and
As time passes, Covid policy is proving to be a bigger threat than Covid disease. Promoted as an initial protection measure to buy much-needed time against a once-in-a-century pandemic, it became a way of life to which health bureaucrats and autocratically-inclined leaders became addicted and are having trouble letting go.
The Gettysburg Address celebrated “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” echoing the ideals of the Enlightenment: equality for all, and liberation from the yoke of tyrannical rulers.

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