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The journey from liberal democracy to bureaucratic tyranny – and iatrocide? I am presently in India. We flew from Brisbane via Singapore, which is deemed a Covid high-risk country by India. Anyone transiting through Singapore must upload a negative PCR test in the 72 hours before departure from their home
We genuinely urge doctors involved with medical regulation not to go down with the sinking ship of authoritarian censorship and suppression of intellectual freedom. Not only is this behaviour historically illiterate and intellectually feeble, but it is putting the safety of patients at risk, causing hazards to public health, runs
Respect for empirical evidence has been undermined I spent the decade I lived in New Zealand as a member of the New Zealand Skeptics. The gist of the organisation’s reason-for-being was to promote a broad-based support for the Enlightenment belief in empirical evidence. For instance, what does the data say
Three years of Covid crimes Remember this joke: a teenager kills his parents and appeals to the courts for mercy as an orphan? The Australian Medical Association backed lockdown restrictions back in the day but is now complaining about the growing backlog in elective surgery. Here’s a question. Had the
We appear to be reaching a tipping point on Covid governance as high-profile advocate after high-profile advocate of masks, mandates and mRNA breaks ranks with the official line. The latest Australian defector is Kerryn Phelps, and she joins a line of internationals including Aseem Malhotra, Silje Schevig, and John Campbell.
The ease with which the majority of people slipped into compliance with lockdown restrictions was a distressing surprise. The acceptance of facemasks in community and children’s school settings was a disappointment. Governments’ success in turning Western liberal democracies into citizen-informant states was both shocking and dispiriting.
Already by early- and mid-2020, hard data should have rung alarm bells on the doomsday narrative being peddled by modelers like Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London of catastrophic mortality counts without lockdown.
Last June, a paper by a team that included the British Medical Journal editor Peter Doshi concluded that data from the Pfizer and Moderna trials indicated their vaccines are more likely to put people in hospital from adverse effects than keep them out by protecting against Covid, by 2.4 and
The real-world effectiveness of Covid vaccines has not matched the hype of the 95 percent efficacy claimed in manufacturer trials on the basis of which they were granted emergency-use authorisation. They’ve proven disappointingly leaky with a surprisingly swift waning of effectiveness, necessitating boosters every few months.
The three major controversies over pandemic management for the past three years have been lockdown measures, universal masking recommendations and mandates, and Covid vaccines.

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