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In the Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries, logic, reason and freedom of thought overcame the tyranny of canon and superstition. Now the light of reason, freedom, and responsibility has faded across the Western world as new elites have arisen under cover of Covid. What was already simmering and
Most academics since January 2020 have lined up obediently behind even the most improbable self-deceptions of the covid leaders. Chillingly, they’ve acted out a rough reprise of the performance of their professional forebears in 1930s Germany, when a large fraction of German scientists supported the irrationality of the Nazis.
In the Middle Ages a recipe emerged for the powerful to deal with peasant uprisings: kill the rebel leaders, adopt their most popular slogans as one’s own, and quietly give in to the most important demands.
Something striking about the past two years is that almost everyone against lockdowns has exactly the same opinion about the madness of the masses, yet many also belong to groups that don’t have anything else much in common and may even despise each other. It’s as if different groups are
It’s far past time that people stop playing politics with Covid, as former ALP Old Guard enforcer Robert Schwarten did last week in Queensland. This is undoubtedly part of a strategy by the state government which allowed the unvaccinated free range before the state reached 85 per cent vaccination rates, but
Vaccine mandates are everywhere. Now, they are infecting the Christian churches even though they are illogical, ineffective, and un-Christian. If the churches are to play a useful role in social policy, they should be resisting vaccines mandates – not enabling them.
Lockdowns are strong restrictions on the movements of people. The most extreme lockdown possible is where everyone is told they literally cannot move at all, a situation only sustainable for a few hours until people start to die of thirst and need to go to the toilet. A mild lockdown
Mandating or coercing COVID vaccination is one of the most important civil liberties issues of my lifetime. It’s a fundamental breach of human rights allegedly guaranteed by a number of international conventions and Australian law, as well as our long tradition of liberal democracy. 
In Western countries, where we live and which we understand best, three possible future scenarios have emerged. The first scenario, which we think most likely, is a gradual unwinding of the Great Panic and its many restrictions, together with the adoption of social mechanisms to allow people to move on
The emotional wave that swept through the herd of humanity during the Great Fear turned into a mad dash for lockdowns. Particular individuals played prominent roles but no evil genius was behind it all, though of course there was no shortage of people claiming that they or someone else had

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