This post contains the full session recordings of the Progress Through Science and Freedom Conference.
This final Voices missive marks the close of nearly 3.5 years of regular direct communication in this format with the hundreds of people who reached out to me during covid times seeking sanity, hope, and alternative approaches to the problems our society faces. 
Before I start, let me pose a question for you to ponder. How many people around the world have been helped to retain their sanity, and perhaps even to escape self-harm, by the existence of entities like Brownstone in America and the Daily Sceptic in Britain? Jeffrey Tucker and Toby Young: I
Long story short, the EU, Australia or UK’s ministries of truth are simply branch offices no different to McDonalds and its penetrance across the worlds market. The façade is local architecture. Likewise, different accents and languages are heard coming from the faces of the staff. But the menu always converges
Courageous, freethinking men and women from many professions in resistance and restoration communities across Australia will be arriving in Sydney in less than two months for the exciting inaugural conference of Australians for Science and Freedom, “Progress through Science and Freedom”, to be held from 17 through 19 November at
Nearing the end of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Nurse Ratched stated, ‘The best thing we can do is to go on with our daily routine.’ It was the final straw for poor old Randle McMurphy (or Jack Nicholson, if you prefer the film) leading to the disastrous climax. The
Ramesh Thakur reviews John Stapleton’s new book, Australia Breaks Apart.
This is a joint submission by Maat’s Method and Australians for Science and Freedom addressing the proposed new ACMA powers to combat misinformation and disinformation (the Communications Legislation Amendment (Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation) Bill 2023).
Last weeks substack approached things from an Australian perspective, including several other observations informing the global information space. One that bears repeating, and which I take so obvious as to be axiomatic is this: Australia’s news and media content is an imported and repackaged product of what is permitted be

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