Gigi Foster’s “Voices” Missives

This final Voices missive marks the close of nearly 3.5 years of regular direct communication in this format with the hundreds of people who reached out to me during covid times seeking sanity, hope, and alternative approaches to the problems our society faces.
Courageous, freethinking men and women from many professions in resistance and restoration communities across Australia will be arriving in Sydney in less than two months for the exciting inaugural conference of Australians for Science and Freedom, “Progress through Science and Freedom”, to be held from 17 through 19 November at
Australians for Science and Freedom is gaining members and building our reputation as a place where free-thinking individuals are supported to dream of and build towards a better future for Australia as we emerge together from the covid era. I’m delighted to announce that the inaugural ASF conference, “Progress through
Since August 2020, Gigi Foster has been producing newsletters for the resistance community, sent by email, entitled “Voices Against Lockdowns”. The recipient list for her missives has been comprised mainly of people who have contacted her over the years to express support for her dissident views on Covid policy.
The Institute for Public Affairs released a cost-benefit analysis of Australian covid lockdowns the day after mine with Sanjeev Sabhlok was published, and the IPA’s analysis reached the same conclusion as we did: that the lockdowns were not worth their gargantuan costs. Covid policy has started to be reviewed overseas
Positive recent signs in the political realm include covid-excused restrictions being rolled back in New Zealand, and Denmark walking back even the recommendation (much less requirement) for healthy people under 50 to receive the covid shots. AstraZeneca has been attacked in the European Parliament (also see here), materials that could
After a refreshing, informative and productive trip to North America, I’m back in Sydney and heartened at the growing evidence that both in the US and in Australia, the errors of covid-era policymaking are coming into focus for more people by the day. In the US, as Team Sanity gains
On this past Thursday’s ABC Q&A Pre-Election Special, I spoke about the cost-benefit analysis of Australia’s covid lockdowns that I have produced with the great help of ex-Victorian Treasury economist Sanjeev Sabhlok, and just released last week. The Executive Summary is enough for most readers, but if you have an
The residual covid-excused restrictions on our freedoms have still not been lifted here in Australia, despite several other countries to which we regularly compare ourselves walking back their restrictions. Not only are some countries (like Germany) erasing their domestic restrictions as the political climate continues to shift, but it is
We are starting to see mainstream figures edge away from the conviction that freedom restrictions as the right response to covid, including the White House and the American NFL. Several countries in Europe have significantly walked back pandemic restrictions, including the UK (whose national health system has scrapped its vax

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