The government seems blinkered in focusing solely on its pharmaceutical toolbox, essentially playing an expensive game of ‘whac-a-mole’ using our money on Covid countermeasures that could only be described as having dubious benefits. Over $2 billion of our money to be exact. Yes, you read that right.
The West Australian Government is offering families a one-off cash payment. All you have to do to claim it is get a Digital ID.
On 27 January TNT’s Jason Olbourne interviewed Richard Kelly.
Job one of ASF was to organise disparate independent thinkers who believe reform is both needed and possible, and broadly adhere to a few core guiding principles, while accepting that not all of those so organised will agree on everything and that that fact is a source of strength.
This post contains the full session recordings of the Progress Through Science and Freedom Conference.
This final Voices missive marks the close of nearly 3.5 years of regular direct communication in this format with the hundreds of people who reached out to me during covid times seeking sanity, hope, and alternative approaches to the problems our society faces.
All of these actions we take with the closing of the borders and the domestic lockdowns and in Australia we also had a huge amount of fiscal outlay to support people who are kicked out of their jobs – these actions have costs! And nowhere was that actually factored in
We know that the modern West has developed a jaw-dropping degree of totalitarianism, wherein the bureaucracies of the state and the corporate sector coordinate together to cripple humans outside their power networks and media channels. But what are the mechanics of this coordination? To understand one of the games they
Before I start, let me pose a question for you to ponder. How many people around the world have been helped to retain their sanity, and perhaps even to escape self-harm, by the existence of entities like Brownstone in America and the Daily Sceptic in Britain? Jeffrey Tucker and Toby
In March 2020, I watched unfolding events relating to covid with considerable consternation, most particularly because proposed actions did not seem to be accompanied by any cost-benefit analysis.

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