Dr Varghese Zachariah

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Dr.Varghese Zachariah is an Australian-trained GP from Victoria. With a total of 16 years in General Practice, he now practices as a Functional & Integrative Medicine practitioner.

Prestigious medical journals indeed carry much ‘prestige’, commanding devout respect from the medical community, government, media and public. This prestige hinges on blind trust. Modern-day physicians religiously trust clinical trials that are peer-reviewed, doubly blinded and placebo-controlled. With a little bit of media spin, the studies’ findings become the buzz
Since the 1960s, an incestuous relationship appears to have evolved between teaching and research institutions, governing bodies including boards and regulators, and pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately, many clinicians remain ignorant of this.
Healthcare has transformed over the last four or five decades revealing a gradual shift in the practice of medicine from patient-centred care to one of systems, algorithms, and guidelines-based practices. Sadly, a large part of it is supported by ignorant and terrified doctors subservient to the system of medicine, rather

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