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Robert Brennan lectured in anatomy and several other biomedical sciences before medical school and a career as a public sector medical officer in psychiatry. Recognising from the start that government pandemic health policy was motivated more by power, profit and political peer pressure than science, ethics or reality he became an anti lockdown activist from April 2020, the first Queensland medical practitioner to publicly speak out and the second in Australia to be suspended by the regulator for thought/speech crime.
Robert has spoken widely at rallies and in the independent media space. Today you can find him on TNT radio live and substack and with the organisation Australian Medical Network or AMN (previously known as Covid Medical Network or CMN, Australia's first, latest, hardest hit and hardest hitting dissident doctor network in the covid era).

One way free speech was stolen was by turning liberalism back upon itself. In the United States there are public parks and squares where no prerogative of a given citizen supervenes over the collective liberal will.
It’s been nigh on a half century since psychiatry fell headlong into the boring and fetid cesspool of SSRI’s, SNRI’s and various dopamine upper and downers. So desperate to be delivered from stagnation and the future that never arrived, it has now looked sideways and into the past to revive
Spoiler alert. I have not seen Matt Walsh’s documentary “What is a Woman”. But I have seen select clips, along with the finale answer to the conundrum, an answer taken up by the conservative right the world over (and many on the sexually traditionalist left as well)…
Long story short, the EU, Australia or UK’s ministries of truth are simply branch offices no different to McDonalds and its penetrance across the worlds market. The façade is local architecture. Likewise, different accents and languages are heard coming from the faces of the staff. But the menu always converges
Last weeks substack approached things from an Australian perspective, including several other observations informing the global information space. One that bears repeating, and which I take so obvious as to be axiomatic is this: Australia’s news and media content is an imported and repackaged product of what is permitted be
From one nation of sheep to another, across the waters Australia also has its ministry of truth. In the wake of an ever expanding online media phenomena overtaking the mainstream, the ministry of truth is finally playing catch up by building another wing. This ought to be of interest to
You may have seen or heard people “vaping” small appliances having the appearance of large flash drives or fake cigarettes. The technological concept is old and relies on a power source (usually a battery), a cartridge or refillable tank containing liquid and a heating element and vaporizer to combust the
Now I have your attention, this article won’t be offering the usually expected cures. No plant extracts, nutraceuticals, or big bad pharma products. No magnets around the head and no manipulation of the spine. That said, I’ll wager my austere cure, like all cures, will apply to some and not
Two parallel items currently occupy the WHO agenda. Actually, there’s many more than two, such as the drive to teach 9-year-olds in the developing world how to masturbate and celebrate the rainbow flag. They are also preparing to celebrate World Health Day on April 7th complete with a film festival (seriously).
Take any garden variety film of the mafia or western genre. The villains either run the town or make their occasional runs into town for tribute. Though outnumbering the villains sometimes a hundred to one or more, the townspeople capitulate, some even collaborate. There might be insipid and aborted attempts

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