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Richard Kelly is a retired business analyst, married with three adult children, one dog, devastated by the way his home city of Melbourne was laid waste. Convinced justice will be served, one day.

On 27 January TNT’s Jason Olbourne interviewed Richard Kelly.
The only threat to democracy around here is MPs on the take from the industrial military and industrial pharma complexes. And MI6 and the CIA censoring social media and instigating colour revolutions all over the world by manipulating public opinion.
J. Scott Armstrong and Kesten C. Green have co-authored a book that should be compulsory reading for all state and federal ‘Chief Health Officers’ – those bureaucratic functionaries who ought never to have been shoved blinking in front of cameras to do the dirty work of clueless Premiers and Prime
The Grattan (‘We change the nation – for good’) Institute, has released a shallow, disingenuous report calling for the government to spend lots of money, because vaccination rates are not high enough, according to them.
I heard the storm coming, even from inside my house, a few blocks back from the ocean. From inside, it seemed a like a windy day, but nothing too unusual. It was a different story when we got to the path alongside the beach. I commented on the strength of
My vision is deteriorating, slowly. Even with my anti-glare multi-focals, anything further away than about 10 metres is fuzzy. This morning on my walk with the dog, I mistook a coffee maker for a lantern, and a moustache for an oxygen nasal tube. Inside 10 metres, things became clearer. I’ve
Every bedrock principle has shattered under the weight of post-truth delusion As Covid madness, or megalomaniacal plans, according to your world view, took over our lives, various authorities, and authoritarian tendencies in otherwise agreeable people, intruded into our daily activities. Working, shopping, moving around and even trying to mind one’s
The power of separation from those who would control us In the world of business analysis there is a discipline called Process Modelling. Its output would be familiar to most people, consisting of diagrams to show how a business process, like say fulfilling an order, is supposed to work. As

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