Jason Strecker

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Jason has taught for over fifteen years and is the Head of Mathematics at a K-12 school. This year his students ran a Cost Benefit Analysis on Australia’s Covid response with some surprising results. He also established an accelerated programme that enabled students to begin a Mathematics degree whilst in their final year of studies.

Prior to teaching, Jason held several positions in the IT industry in small to large businesses in private and public ventures. This included responsibility for the largest enterprise management environment in the country at over a hundred thousand devices.

He is a Spectator contributor, having authored articles on the effects of government policy and the impact of cultural change. He feels privileged to have the opportunity to make personal relationships which he has used to broaden student understanding in the fields of indigenous affairs, engineering, economics and global perspectives.

As president of a sporting association, Jason implemented mitigation strategies to minimise the impact of health orders across members and their families. This included counselling and financial support.

Jason is married and has three children. He is an avid runner, and bike rider and enjoys the beauty of Gods amazing creation.

By and large, the public expects our health experts to present recommendations based on the health science, not behavioural science. In my opinion, this admission demonstrated that the medical industry and political class showed a preparedness to use children as pawns in a societal game of chess, rather than consideration

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