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Professor James Allan holds the oldest named chair at The University of Queensland. He practised law in a large Toronto law firm and at the Bar in London before shifting to teaching law and has taught around the Commonwealth, arriving in Australia in 2005. Allan also writes regularly for the Spectator Australia, the Australian and Law & Liberty in the US as well as semi-regularly for British and Canadian outlets. He came out against lockdowns, in print, as soon as they were imposed and never waivered from that position. His core research areas are moral and legal philosophy and anglosphere constitutional law.

Respect for empirical evidence has been undermined I spent the decade I lived in New Zealand as a member of the New Zealand Skeptics. The gist of the organisation’s reason-for-being was to promote a broad-based support for the Enlightenment belief in empirical evidence. For instance, what does the data say
A couple of days ago, Greg Sheridan had a piece in The Australian in which he argued: ‘Covid has been diabolical for centre-right governments around the world. They handled Covid generally no better or worse than centre-left governments. But Covid hurt conservatives in two crippling ways.’
There are some nights you won’t forget for the rest of your life. And yes, I realise that first sentence could signal a myriad of possible paths down which the rest of this column – in some hands – might travel, some of which would see former prime minister Scott
I spent a decade living in New Zealand as a member of the NZ Skeptics. We would mock those who believed in alternative medicine, UFOs, anti-vaxxers, you get the idea. To say I’m a big believer in empiricism and scientific medicine would be an understatement. I even used to say

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