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Gigi Foster (Professor, UNSW School of Economics; BA Ethics, Politics and Economics, PhD Economics) works in diverse fields including education, social influence, time use, lab experiments, behavioural economics, and Australian policy. Named 2019 Young Economist of the Year by the Economic Society of Australia, she publishes in both specialised and cross-disciplinary outlets, and her innovative teaching was awarded a 2017 Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. She has filled numerous roles of service to the profession and engages heavily on economic matters with the Australian community, as one of Australia’s leading economics communicators, in the media and at live events. She is co-author of The Great Covid Panic (Brownstone Institute 2021, with Paul Frijters and Michael Baker) and Do Lockdowns and Border Closures Serve the “Greater Good”? (Connor Court 2022, with Sanjeev Sabhlok).

As the West drifts further and further away from optimal public health systems, let us dream out loud about what an ideal set of institutions to promote health would look like. 
The ASF has published the following submission in support of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Amendment (Vaccine Indemnity) Bill 2023, which would amend the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 to provide that indemnities cannot be granted to manufacturers of vaccines in relation to the use of a vaccine.
Courageous, freethinking men and women from many professions in resistance and restoration communities across Australia will be arriving in Sydney in less than two months for the exciting inaugural conference of Australians for Science and Freedom, “Progress through Science and Freedom”, to be held from 17 through 19 November at
Gigi Foster and Chris Kenny discuss the enormous costs of the covid lockdowns.
Our policymakers have yet to apologise for or even recognise the scale of the damage that government Covid-era policies have delivered, particularly to young Australians.
https John Stapleton, a celebrated retired Australian journalist, despairs about Australia. Starting in 2015 he has written increasingly dark books about the descent of the country he loves into corruption, apathy, and now covid-induced totalitarianism. John advocates a revival of small communities, hoping to see rejuvenated free Australians run the
Australians for Science and Freedom is gaining members and building our reputation as a place where free-thinking individuals are supported to dream of and build towards a better future for Australia as we emerge together from the covid era.  I’m delighted to announce that the inaugural ASF conference, “Progress through
Watch or listen to Paul Frijters and Gigi Foster discuss the current state and the future of higher education, and read their blueprints for a new faculty of social science within a new university embodying the ideas of the Enlightenment, designed for the needs of the modern age.
The modern phenomenon of ‘woke’ is hard to pin down. Is it a movement, a religion, an attitude, or a lifestyle? Here we offer our own definition that places woke in the broader historical and political story of the West.
On 10 May 2023, Professor Gigi Foster and Victor Dalziel discussed Australia’s elite, corrupted power, the growing wealth gap, and other issues in our communities. In a previous interview aired on 21 March 2023, Gigi and Victor discussed the destructive effects, the high costs of Covid-related measures, and Gigi’s motivations

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— November 18 @ 8:30 am - November 19 @ 4:00 pm AEDT —

Inaugural “Progress through Science and Freedom” Conference