Gigi Foster and Chris Kenny discuss the enormous costs of the covid lockdowns.
Graham Young is interviewed by Victor Dalziel, and together they discuss failing upwards, COVID amnesties, foxes and hedgehogs, the Nuremburg Code, and how to maintain the rage in a productive and positive frame.
On 10 May 2023, Professor Gigi Foster and Victor Dalziel discussed Australia’s elite, corrupted power, the growing wealth gap, and other issues in our communities. In a previous interview aired on 21 March 2023, Gigi and Victor discussed the destructive effects, the high costs of Covid-related measures, and Gigi’s motivations
On Monday 13 March 2023 economist Prof. Gigi Foster from the University of New South Wales appeared on the ABC’s Q+A and talked about current economic issues, Covid, censorship, and she introduced Australians for Science & Freedom to a national audience.
Dr David Richard explains how the belief-based worst-case scenario Covid modelling employed by some epidemiologists has led to disastrous public policy decisions.
Dr David Richards criticises governments and the WHO for failing to apply scientific rigour and falling prey to confirmation bias when assessing lockdowns.
Dr David Richards discusses the largely questionable or undone science in relation to face masks, and the potential harm of wearing masks.

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— November 18 @ 8:30 am - November 19 @ 4:00 pm AEDT —

Inaugural “Progress through Science and Freedom” Conference