Voices against lockdowns – 16 September 2022

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This is an archived version of one of Gigi Foster’s email missives. Some links may no longer be current.

Dear all,

So much is moving so fast that I’ve deemed an update on a few fronts to be warranted in this quick follow-on after my last missive.

First, Professor Jay Bhattacharya will now be speaking next week not only in Melbourne, but also in Sydney.  In the words of the local organising team, “Jay’s visit is aimed towards helping the public, media and leaders understand the mistakes that were made in our pandemic response, especially the damage caused by lockdowns.” To secure your tickets in either city, see here; to view a video message from Jay himself, see here; for business leaders who would like to meet Jay one-on-one or in a small-group setting, please make yourself known to me – and likewise for those interested in supporting, with time or money, an emerging initiative to form a group of local academics and leaders to prevent this kind of madness happening again.

I will be joining Jay on the stage at the Sydney event, along with Iain Benson and Rowan Dean, and I’ll bring along a few copies of The Great Covid Panic along with flyers (see also attached) for my new book with Sanjeev Sabhlok, hot off the press at Connor Court, entitled ‘Do lockdowns and border closures serve the “greater good”?’ You can pre-order this book now at the Connor Court website.

For those who don’t know, below is a brief blurb about Jay, who recently spoke with Scott Atlas and Martin Kulldorff under the umbrella of the Academy for Science and Freedom:

Prof. Bhattacharya is one of the world’s leading public health experts and is the co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration, a pandemic response plan he created with Sunetra Gupta (Oxford), Martin Kulldorff (Harvard) and which most countries of the world have now adopted. He has vocally advocated for governments to consider the effects of their pandemic response policies on the poor and vulnerable first and foremost.

During his Australian visit, Jay will be meeting with politicians, business leaders, doctors and academics to help Australia assess our pandemic response. He will also speak at several public events and appear in various media and podcasts. Alongside former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Jay will also launch Collateral Global (CG) in Australia. CG is an initiative of academics and scientists at leading universities around the world to document the collateral damage that is caused by society-wide lockdowns.

With 135 articles published in leading peer-reviewed journals in medicine, economics, health policy, epidemiology, statistics, law, and public health, Jay has recently evaluated the epidemiology of COVID-19 and the government policy responses to the epidemic, noting that governments are gradually returning to ‘focused protection’ as called for in the Great Barrington Declaration that he co-authored in Oct 2020.

Tomorrowfreedom marches are being organised in most major Australian cities – see here for some tips on how to participate safely and effectively, and see here for a petition for a Royal Commission and Senate Inquiry into the handling of covid in Australia.

The AMPS conference mentioned in my last missive was held last Saturday in Melbourne and was an incredibly uplifting, informative event; full recording available here, newsreel clip put together by Avi Yemini – who was recently unjustly targeted by New Zealand police – available here.  A grassroots interview about covid times in the same plain-spoken vein, featuring other members of the Australian resistance, is available here.

Positive recent signs in the political realm include covid-excused restrictions being rolled back in New Zealand, and Denmark walking back even the recommendation (much less requirement) for healthy people under 50 to receive the covid shots. AstraZeneca has been attacked in the European Parliament (also see here), materials that could prove violations of free speech to have been perpetrated by US government bureaucrats is being demanded by judges, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is being hassled by US politicians, and the US government is being sued.

Some resources on the topic of covid vaccines, particularly in children:

A few recent scientific and analytical contributions worth noting:

Finally, below is a curated collection of articles that, according to one amongst us, “highlight targeted bullying and corruption strategies …. The following include stories regarding fines handed out to homeless people / mentally disables/ indigenous / children specifically in Western Sydney, the smoke and mirrors tactic ScoMo used for leadership stronghold … social credit-type penalties for vaccine non-compliance (despite staff shortages caused by forced mandates and forced testing/isolation), taxpayer money lost on …. ‘apps’ … and changes to ‘workplace safety’ relating to addressing ‘psychosocial hazards at work’ (that still skirt around lacking definition of being bullied by leadership)”:

I will stop sending these missives once it seems that they have served their purpose, which to my mind is when more connections and information are no longer needed for people to fight effective local and national battles to reclaim freedom for themselves and their communities.  In the meantime, please do keep sending me material, and as always please advise me if you’d like to be taken off my list.

While the madness continues, with signs of sad times still upon us, we are winning and we will get there – even if it takes years.



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  • Prof Gigi Foster

    Gigi Foster (Professor, UNSW School of Economics; BA Ethics, Politics and Economics, PhD Economics) works in diverse fields including education, social influence, time use, lab experiments, behavioural economics, and Australian policy. Named 2019 Young Economist of the Year by the Economic Society of Australia, she publishes in both specialised and cross-disciplinary outlets, and her innovative teaching was awarded a 2017 Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning. She has filled numerous roles of service to the profession and engages heavily on economic matters with the Australian community, as one of Australia’s leading economics communicators, in the media and at live events. She is co-author of The Great Covid Panic (Brownstone Institute 2021, with Paul Frijters and Michael Baker) and Do Lockdowns and Border Closures Serve the “Greater Good”? (Connor Court 2022, with Sanjeev Sabhlok).

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