Gigi Foster’s Voices for Science and Freedom – 29 September 2023

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Dear all,

Courageous, freethinking men and women from many professions in resistance and restoration communities across Australia will be arriving in Sydney in less than two months for the exciting inaugural conference of Australians for Science and Freedom, “Progress through Science and Freedom”, to be held from 17 through 19 November at UNSW’s Kensington campus.  You are warmly invited to attend.

We will hear many transformational ideas at the conference about how to reform, reimagine, and rebuild Australia’s economic, political, health, and social institutions, as we emerge from the darkness and deceit of the covid era. Engagement and discussion across presenters and with the audience will be top priorities.  Our intent with the conference is to aid and advance the forward thinking of the broad resistance movement, by flagging to the broader Team Sanity community who is working on what, discovering whose ideas are related/overlapping and where the big problem areas are, and connecting interested people together to keep working after the conference to rebuild and restore Australia.

You can register here (student discount available; early bird rates still available for a very short time). Please also consider attending one of the advertised social events – a Welcome Reception on Friday and a Gala Dinner on Saturday – being separately ticketed.  

Finally, we have set registration fees far lower than event costs, in order to enable broad community participation. If you or someone you know is generous and in a position to help fund the conference, please email me on

The timing of this conference is apt.  I notice every day the increasing ease of conversing sensibly with people on the street about what has happened to Australia.  Anthony Albanese’s recent announcement of a farcical and toothless “covid inquiry” led by tainted covid-policy insiders brought immediate condemnation from quarters near (also see here and here) though not far – tellingly, the puny initiative has been all but ignored in the global media.  Recently, Australians have promisingly been showing marked disdain for the fat cats that run big Australian companies. There is restlessness in the country – a sense that things are not quite right, and that something has been stolen from right under our noses. Our conference aims to capitalise on these legitimate feelings and direct our sorrow, anger, and pain into building a positive vision for the country’s future. 

The Antipodes

The latest rat to flee the sinking ship of Australia’s covid response is Victorian premier Dan Andrews.  While far too long coming, his departure has been celebrated in the resistance, with even the mainstream media recalling Melbourne’s chart-topping covid lockdowns and pointing out the wretched financial and social state in which he leaves Victoria. Over the trench, while new political parties get organised, New Zealand’s current leadership seemed to experience a brain malfunction recently when recalling what that government did to its people in relation to the covid shots.  That humdinger was even deemed worthy of printing by the editors of

New approaches are being tried in our courts to bring our rampaging health bureaucracies to heel.  ASF together with Maat’s Method recently prepared a submission against the Orwellian ACMA ‘misinformation/disinformation’ bill, with another submission in favour of the vaccine indemnity bill (also see here) coming off the press imminently.  Melinda Richards published a book on the demise of free speech in Australia while, underscoring that reality, YouTube censored John Ruddick’s maiden speech to the New South Wales Parliament. Yet our federal parliament has begun adopting previously spurned views on at least some covid matters.

A cross-section of the international scene

Globally, the masks are also falling away, at least figuratively.  New books are being written to celebrate the courage of the resistance and to poke fun at the absurdity of the mainstream narrative.  The UK Covid Inquiry, while inevitably having its political-football-match moments, is allowing evidence from a wide range of sources; the US Congressional coronavirus hearings continue to plod along while America’s state-level hearings are offering eye-raising evidence; a German inquiry has all the markings of a soap opera drama; and with the chairmanship of German member Christine Anderson (of anti-WHO fame), the European Parliament has heard from an array of resistance leaders as part of its citizens’ initiative to challenge the pandemic treaty (video here), including the heroic Dr Peter McCullough.  The leaders of the beleaguered Cochrane medical advice organisation are feeling the heat over their perceived lack of transparency, health bureaucrats in the UK are facing expressions of no confidence, and more covid-era rats-in-charge are climbing overboard or being pushed (see here).  As the next round of cases fires up in the US, Deborah Birx and co. are changing their tune about outside spaces, mandates, and lockdowns in the face of public scepticism and what they admit is low trust in the public health system.  Even Gavin Newsom is making noises about mistakes ‘in hindsight’, while the California legislature has read the writing on the wall and repealed its own bill, passed less than 12 months ago, targeting doctors who spread ‘misinformation’. Trumped-up bureaucrats in no-name not-for-profits don’t seem to have received the memo though.

With personal identity selection all the rage, the platform formerly known as Twitter announced its identification as X soon after capitulating to the EU’s digital censorship laws (after initially resisting them in its former identity) with the platform formerly known as Facebook falling dutifully in line too.  Despite the EU situation and whatever else you may think of him, Elon Musk is continuing to make trouble for those who would shut down free speech, while less well-defended individuals speaking their mind (Russell Brand being the latest and most acute case, but also this Norwegian man) court a real risk of inciting a degree of digital bone-pointing sufficient to inflict profound damage without the need for any actual trial or conviction. Fed by its connections to governments and other powerful interests worldwide, the global mainstream media has morphed grotesquely into a woke shape-shifter capable of assuming multiple identities at a moment’s notice, whenever the cause calls for it – including those of the accuser, the court, the judge, the prosecutor and the jury.  Woe betide the covid policymakers if ever this rapacious tide that they have played a significant role in creating ever turns against them.

In some districts, real courts are seeing fights for basic rights, including protection from authoritarian diktats.  An important win occurred when freedom from government censorship was successfully defended in the US Fifth Circuit on appeal of an initial injunction (of which a stay was requested by the US government) and the FDA has been legally slapped on the wrist for overstepping its authority, including in its famous “horse de-wormer” Twitter swipe at ivermectin.  EcoHealth Alliance is being sued by covid victims’ families (also see here) for its role in supporting the research that led to the virus (while the Biden administration has finally stopped the flow of funding to the Wuhan virology lab); a Wisconsin court will hear charges next year of lethal medical suppression of patients’ rights; dissident views are making their way into US congressional bills; and Florida’s leadership is proposing freedom-preserving legislation.  In Canada, leaders of the trucker protests are having their day in court (video coverage here), while Jordan Peterson was recently ordered by the College of Psychologists of Ontario to undergo social media re-education on account of some of his Twitter activity, challenged the diktat in court, and lost. Individual court cases are seeing occasional success – e.g., reinstatement of New York teachers with religious objections fired for not getting the shots, and this win for a plaintiff in a similar position in Virginia – but the outcomes seem to hinge on a combination of judicial ideology and exact legal grounding of the case.  South African courts are pushing for transparency and Irish families are fighting against, amongst other things, the use of the covid vaccines in children.  Some lawmakers (see here) and groups of health professionals (see here) are starting to think about what needs to change to make it harder for our societies to fall into traps of madness and tyranny in future, and/or about how better to proactively safeguard their own health and wellbeing in a world where institutionalised medicine cannot be trusted.

While the people of Canada have set up and begun a “National Citizens’ Inquiry” into covid policy-making, already calling to testify the great Peter McCullough, Canada’s leadership set up and then walked right into an enormous diplomatic gaffe, demonstrating the long-run group-level consequences of gradually replacing actual virtue with mere virtue-signalling in public affairs.  Did anyone in that room know what was going on?

The injections

While the US CDC still publishes lies on its homepage, news about the side effects of the covid shots continues along its sickening trajectory (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).  Megyn Kelly regrets getting the shots, the NY Post is publishing sceptical pieces about the latest ones, “post-covid vaccine syndrome” has been officially coined in the medical literature, and Matt Lawson is walking from Melbourne to Brisbane in recognition of jab-injured people. Global excess deaths, while surely in part the result of suspended healthcare and other types of personal and social neglect during lockdown times, are hard to explain to my eye unless one allows for lethal side effects produced by at least some shot batches. If more proof were needed of the corruption and dominance of politics over health in pushing the mass-scale rollout of the covid injections, it is now easily found (see here and here).

SAGE has admitted and openly advised deciding on covid shots based on differential disease risk by age and comorbidity status.  Alternatives to the shots, like ivermectin (also see here) and hydroxychloroquine, are now quietly being vindicated, with pallid review studies in mainstream journals mainly underscoring how hard it has been these years to conduct large-scale trials of repurposed drugs.  All of this is too late to prevent the eye-watering profits big pharma made from the abandonment of reason, and is happening while those who have expressed scepticism about the shots – including their safety for pregnant women, on whom they were not tested – are still being punished (also see here – though this attempt may not work), or suspect they are.

Candlelight vigils to acknowledge the vaccine injured are being held every Wednesday evening from 5 to 7 PM outside Queensland’s Children’s Hospital; if interested in attending, please email

Contributions from the growing resistance and restoration movement worldwide

Every month sees dozens more people articulately weighing in on public forums about the covid-era madness, how it happened, and/or what to do now (e.g., here and here), plus offering their own statistical analyses relevant to the $64 million question about excess deaths since mid-2021 that remains unanswered by any country’s public health establishment.  College vaccine mandates are being critically examined, the path to approval and mass use of mRNA technology investigated, and low-covid-restrictions Sweden exoneratedActual scientific conversations about the shots’ safety and efficacy are occasionally seen, while radically alternative views of long-trusted public health interventions are resurfacing.  Peter McCullough has established a foundation.

Thinking at the coal face of broader society, if not in centralised whirlpools of power (of which, sadly, erstwhile respectable scientific institutions are standout examples), seems also to be leaning towards sanity in other areas.  In my home sector of education, groups are offering real alternatives to the corporatised educational entities that have lost their way.  In the US, a schoolboy and his mum stood their ground against woke educational bureaucrats and won. Some Australian politicians are using simple technological means of gauging what real people care about. 

Some of my recent personal writings and appearances:


Freethinking artists have a crucial role to play in this era, and some are not only representing reality in their art, but turning their scepticism into a side hustle of speaking engagements, podcasts and/or books (see here and here). From the people we also have a song for your sombre listening, a movie that celebrates those who stood against tyranny in New Zealand, and a documentary film about the effects of closing schools.  If you’re more in the mood for a laugh, see here.

Thank you to everyone who continues to send me material to consider including in these newsletters.  Please don’t stop.  I will produce at least one more Voices missive, covering the final quarter of this year.

Yours in sanity and solidarity,


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