Gigi Foster’s Voices for Science and Freedom – 10 January 2024

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Dear all,

This final Voices missive marks the close of nearly 3.5 years of regular direct communication in this format with the hundreds of people who reached out to me during covid times seeking sanity, hope, and alternative approaches to the problems our society faces. As this era closes, I feel privileged to have been able to provide this small service and deeply grateful that Australians for Science and Freedom now exists to help provide the organisational structure for the Australian resistance and restoration movement that was so critically lacking in those early days.

Through the information in these newsletters – all archived on ASF’s pages – and through many other channels that have grown in strength since 2020, fellow travellers like yourself have now been able to find one another, subscribe to alternative media networks, link up with nascent organisations like ASF aiming to help people and improve Australian society, and discover ways to add their unique strengths and skills to what will be a years-long struggle to reckon with what happened during the Covid era and to rebuild our country. 

If you haven’t yet joined ASF, I encourage you to do so.  Every membership in our all-volunteer, radically independent organisation of free and diverse thinkers enables us to reach more people, hold more events, conduct more analyses, publish more material, and be more effective in the fight for sanity.

Next week ASF will hold its first Annual General Meeting, where amongst other topics we will briefly review the organisation’s plans for 2024. These include running several more in-person events following on from our inaugural conference (see below), producing books, drawing up blueprints for a proper inquiry into the decisions of the covid era and their consequences, and continuing to produce blogs (including guest blogs), submissions to relevant bills, and videos to support the causes of reckoning with covid policy mistakes and restoring and rebuilding Australia.

Of highest importance, many institutions in our society (e.g., in health (also see here), education (also see here), and politics) no longer fulfill their stated mission, and ASF intends to help chart new pathways for Australia in these and other areas, which inevitably we must all have a hand in exploring and building. (For one example of an exciting new direction in the higher education space just starting out in Europe, see here; some new approaches in health care based in the US are here and here.)  Strengthening the fabric and voice of Australian communities (see here for a great initiative in this space) is a critical area of focus, and we featured many talks by community leaders at our November conference alongside contributions from academics, medics, journalists, and other professionals and thought leaders.

ASF’s inaugural conference, held at UNSW in November 2023, was a decisive networking, information-sharing, spirit-rejuvenating and norm-setting event for resistance organisations and re-building efforts across the country that broadly share our goals.  Video footage of every conference session will be made available for free to the public on our site as soon as it has been processed, but processing is taking a while as there are 26+ hours’ worth of footage, so for now I’m limited to sharing with you some of the media coverage of the conference:

A few recent media mentions and appearances of mine:

On to the national and international news of the quarter.

2023 went out with a bang. The National Citizen’s Inquiry into the “Appropriateness and Efficacy of the COVID-19 Response in Canada” released its final report in November 2023, while in the same month a coalition of Europe’s resistance figures brought about an effective admission of false advertising about the covid shots by the European Medicines Association (though the EMA has, naturally, defended itself), and soon afterwards the covid-era Italian health minister was exposed for appalling behaviour. The US Vaccine Injury Program is being taken to court, the Grace Schara medical battery case overcame a motion to dismiss and looks to be heading towards trial, a Florida congresswoman has introduced a bill to block CDC overreach in future health crises, the US Senate banned federal mask mandates over the coming year on commercial airlines and public transportation, and the US Supreme Court has agreed to hear a dazzling line-up of free speech cases, including the appeal of Missouri v Biden. The FDA released the last batch of Pfizer documents on which it relied in considering the shots for approval, while Javier Milei’s shock win in Argentina late in 2023 gave the world an “anarcho-capitalist” social and economic experiment to observe. Two major events took place in 4Q2023 in the timeline of the global resistance: first the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) Forum’s inaugural conference in London (Oct 30-Nov 2), and then Brownstone Institute’s Rebuild Freedom conference in Dallas (4 Nov) (all videos from both are freely accessible to the public).  Resistance hero and Brownstone author Jay Bhattacharya received a prize for his stand against censorship. 

Closer to home on the political front, Australians hoping to follow in the footsteps of New Zealand’s new triumvirate political coalition in rejecting the WHO’s International Health Regulations (in NZ’s case, via the application of a national interest test) organised a petition to the WHO against the proposed IHR (the same IHR discussed in UK Parliament here) – and Australia roundly rejected the proposed racially divisive national Indigenous Voice to Parliament. The New Zealand Ministry of Health was exposed for cowardly acts of hypocrisy and its police force for excessive use of force against protestors, while the late-2023 release of data by Barry Young, the New Zealand whistleblower who was subsequently arrested, on covid vaccines and mortality outcomes spun the Antipodean resistance (and some others) into a frenzy, with people divided (yes? no?) on whether the data and various analyses of it can be trusted. (NB: ASF is presently working on an FOI request to obtain similar data for Australia.)  Late in the year almost as a Christmas present, some small parcel of justice was delivered against one of the erstwhile rabidly pro-lockdown bullies in my own profession.  More soberingly, 4Q2023 also brought the arrest and imprisonment of Reiner Fullmich (petition here for his release), the continuation (though not the end) of the prosecution of Ottawa police officer Helen Grus who dared to use her position to investigate the potential link between maternal covid shots and child deaths, the introduction of yet another totalitarian-approved law in Germany, and the award of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Medicine to researchers who advanced the development of the mRNA covid shots. A 2023 covid news round-up is provided by ZeroHedge here.

2024 has likewise started with a bang, bringing Anthony Fauci to the American Congress to testify about the US covid response (also see here), while Robert Kennedy Jr has taken a practical step to be seriously considered as an independent US presidential candidate in Utah. In a move that brought tears to my eye as a native-born American, on 1 January 2024 a coalition of US military commanders released an open letter to the American people decrying the lack of accountability of top military leaders in the covid era and pledging to work towards the restoration of the principles on which the US and its military establishment were founded, writing in part: “we have exhausted all internal efforts to rectify recent criminal activity within the Armed Forces… While implementing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, military leaders broke the law, trampled constitutional rights, denied informed consent, permitted unwilling medical experimentation, and suppressed the free exercise of religion… we refuse to allow our nation to go quietly into the depths of decadence and decay.” Still in the US, the state of Illinois is considering a bill to test donated blood for mRNA components, and the Surgeon General of Florida has called for a halt on all mRNA covid vaccine products after a depressingly unsatisfactory correspondence he had with the FDA. Over here, a broad church of organisations has prepared a submission for the Covid Inquiry Terms of Reference that the public may sign (if you wish to sign, please do so before Friday Jan 12); ASF will also make its own independent submission on this topic.

Students of the US and the world are making a declaration against mandates of the sort seen during the covid era. Academic journals are now publishing accounts of the negative effects of those policies, studies demonstrating the efficacy of early covid treatment regimens using cheap medicines and the covid vaccine hesitancy of the general public, scathing appraisals of the covid shot rollouts, exposés of the pathogenic nature of the spike protein the shots are designed to make the body create, studies of a possible link between the shots and cancer, and refutations of blinkered greenlighting of these products. Even the BMJ is hopping on one square inch of the bandwagon by publishing a critique of the VAERS system.  In the popular press, The Australian has covered the recent suit of Pfizer by the Texas Attorney General (see the Guardian’s coverage of this development here) and Newsweek is publishing Pierre Kory asking the elephant-in-the-living-room question about excess deaths (the same question that, in the UK setting, Andrew Brigden MP is courageously trying to draw to the attention of the UK Parliament – while the simultaneously extensive and anaemic UK Covid Inquiry drags on). Meanwhile Brownstone Institute and Spectator Flat White (e.g., here) continue to publish informative and critical pieces on many topics relevant to Team Sanity, many of which we re-publish on ASF (e.g., here and here). Substack is blooming with the reflections of resistance personalities, many of whom I have featured in prior Voices missives, and other personal channels too (e.g., here) are brimming with content. As I recall when first sending Jeffrey Tucker, then-incipient founder of Brownstone Institute, the manuscript of The Great Covid Panic, books critical of covid policy were initially few and far between – but now local, national, and global presses have heated up with critical reviews, reflections, and counter-punches (e.g., see here, here, here, here, and here).

To close, some art:

While this is the final standalone Voices missive that I will personally pen, a short-form review of news and events relevant to the resistance and restoration community will continue to be offered at the top of ASF newsletters henceforth.  To ensure you receive these newsletters moving forward, please subscribe.

Heartfelt thanks for your support over the years to all my fellow travellers in the fight to build a better Australia. Best of luck to us all in 2024, and in the many years to come.


PS as indicated in many prior missives, I will never share my Voices mailing list with anyone, nor make it available for any other purpose. Its function now is limited to that of a personal historical relic.

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