Eyes wide shut

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There can be no doubt that Australia, like many other countries, is experiencing significantly higher overall mortality since 2021.

The following graphic from the latest release of provisional mortality statistics by Australian Bureau of Statistics has its limitations – it’s as if that agency didn’t want to make it easy for the public to see the fuller picture. But what the ABS does dish up should be enough to more than just raise eyebrows.

We can speculate what might be the reasons, but it would be much better if there were some kind of transparent and fulsome inquiry into this phenomenon. Surely, frank and unbiased research ought to be carried out in an effort to get to the bottom of this.

Even the media have picked up on the issue, though they steer clear of mentioning the liquid that must not be named.

Clearly, something isn’t right. On 23 March 2023, a few Australian senators, who happened to be those critical of the governments’ Covid measures, tried to launch a Senate inquiry.

Here are the contributions from Sen. Babet, Sen. Rennick, Sen. Canavan, with Sen. Pratt trying to gloss over the issue. Sen. Babet then called for the establishment of a Select Committee on Australia’s Excess Mortality.

The next day, the Senate voted on the motion. What was the outcome?

Fifty-nine of the seventy-six senators showed up to vote on what really shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Perhaps it’s still too early for many to face their Covid demons, but collectively (29 ayes to 30 noes), the Australian Senate decided it does not want to understand why death rates in this country have not stayed more or less the same over the very period during which experimental but allegedly highly effective and safe substances have been circulating through the bodies of the vast majority of Australians.

Again, we could speculate as to why a majority voted ‘no’ to a mere fact finding mission. Are they really not interested? Do they not care to see the bigger picture? Did they just toe the party line? Did they vote this way merely because the motion came from senators whose other political views they don’t agree with?

All of the ’no‘ voters wouldn’t even have been in government when the magic potion was unleashed on the public, but of course, they were just as Covid-crazed as their political enemies. And now? Perhaps they know all too well their role in this particular ‘game of mates’, and they are loathe to risk upsetting their pharmaceutical puppet masters.

And just for the record, here are these wilfully blind senators who too swore to serve the Australian people:

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  • Jörg Probst

    Jörg Probst is a Sydney-based Swiss-born polyglot Australian researcher and commentator with a passion for promoting critical and independent thinking. He studied philosophy, psychology and law, practised as a lawyer and now works as a legal researcher.

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