Casting away the spell upon us

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People often say that ‘truth is like a lion’ and needs no defending. If it is let loose, it will fight viciously to maul its way and protect itself. But that’s if one hasn’t heard of famous lion tamers like Isaac Van Amburgh, Suresh Biswas, or the most famous of them all, Angel Cristo, who all knew the art of taming predators for a living. In the wrong hands, truth is no different—it can be wilfully massaged and tamed.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Truth as the body of real things, events and facts. Using this definition, in the context of the year of the pandemic of 2020, it would appear that the aftermath of the mismanaged and most likely man-made COVID pandemic would need a trial no less than the likes of the Nuremberg trials. A Nuremberg 2.0 cannot be denied to the public for the sake of truth and justice and if broken trust in public health is to be restored. 

The actions of the Nazi regime during World War 2 should not come across as a feat of any significance if we understand that it involved men and women at the helm with ironclad mental grit with an ability to mesmerise the psyche of the populations, both these skills also being indispensable in the taming of wild beasts. Empowered with these innate traits (while it may not be the intent), it is impossible not to see the resemblances between how authorities during the Third Reich worked to achieve the ‘Final solution to the Jewish question’ and the recent global (mis)management of the Sars Cov 2 pandemic. Unbeknown to them, the German public and the citizens of the modern day have both been subjected to the deadliest weapons of war – the weaponization of the mind. Psychological manipulation and control are perhaps the most excellent disempowering tools engaged by authoritarian regimes across the world, and history has proven this time and time again.

Charles Mackay, a Scottish poet and journalist, in his book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, quotes a now well-known phrase: “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” He further writes, “In reading the history of nations, we find that, like individuals, they have their whims and their peculiarities; their seasons of excitement and recklessness, when they care not what they do. We find that whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object and go mad in its pursuit; millions of people become simultaneously impressed with one delusion and run after it till their attention is caught by some new folly more captivating than the first.”  In today’s rapidly evolving world events, focus has changed from one atrocity to another, creating the phenomenon described above.

Could this also be why many of our global and national leaders who spearheaded the pandemic responses in totalitarian styles have fled the sinking ship, taking early retirement or seeking alternate roles? Do they know something now that was known at the time but chose instead to bury their heads in the sand? Prominent pandemic figures such as Dr Anthony Fauci (ex-NIAID director), Dr Deborah Birx (ex-White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator), Dr Rochelle Walensky (ex-CDC director), Dr Francis Collins (ex-NIH director), Prof. John Skerritt (ex TGA Australia Deputy Secretary Health Products Regulation Group) and every Chief Minister of every Australian state have all ‘moved on’. Are the remaining bystander politicians still mentally resilient enough to stand by the choices they made or supported when they are put on trial? Or will we see a mass exodus soon, and will the taxpayer have to fund a retrieval trip across continents to extradite these folks for hearings and cross-examinations?

Australia is taking its shackles off one at a time. On February 27, 2024, the Queensland government in Australia upheld Section 17 of its Human Rights Act established in 2019, which aimed to protect twenty-three essential human rights, including the freedom of conscience, liberty, and protection from cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment.

While only a small victory, in the bigger picture, it brings a glimmer of hope for more truth and justice. Further, despite the repeated stonewalling of requests for a judicial inquiry into the excess deaths occurring in the country, the Australian Senate has finally approved an investigation into this serious matter, thanks to the efforts of Senator Ralph Babet and the United Australia Party. Like the sun’s rays finding their way through grey cloudy skies, hope is rising worldwide, though slowly. 

Despite what is known now from the mountains of evidence on the events around the Holocaust, there are still many who deny that it ever occurred. A survey conducted by the Economist in December of 2023 revealed that 1 in 5 US citizens between the ages of 18-29 believe the Holocaust to be a myth. 

During this time, while the news of atrocities being perpetrated against the Jews trickled into communities, many of these victims and families were unrelentingly gaslighted, most to their graves. A riveting psychological phenomenon, gaslighting, is described as a wilful attempt to manipulate a person’s lived experience as false, thereby delegitimizing their feelings and leading them to question their sanity. In short, it involves twisting reality to create false illusions and perceptions. The case is aptly portrayed in the 1940 British psychological thriller Gaslight, where a criminal-minded man drove his wife to madness by reframing her observations and suspicions as imaginary and untrue.

Similarly, today, there are many people, including those in the medical profession and world leaders, who deny that the COVID injections are harmful or cause any injuries, despite their own governmental data speaking to the contrary. The most recent example of this trend is when Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of the UK, emphatically stated in Parliament on 31st of January 2024 that COVID-19 vaccines are ‘safe’, essentially gaslighting the injured and the many now dead. Yet, later on, on February 13th, when questioned on GB News Prime Minister’s Question Time by John Watt, a vaccine-injured Scottish man, Mr Sunak was quick to flip his tongue, switching words to reassure the man that the government had a vaccine compensation program that he could reach out to. To add to the government’s miseries, following litigation by many of the injured, on the 28th of April, AstraZeneca has publicly admitted in court that their AZ-Oxford vaccine has the potential to cause severe blood clots. Mr. PM, did you not just reassure the UK public that COVID-19 vaccines were safe? Playing politics with health is dangerous, and Mr Sunak better learn soon before the ensuing fires engulf him and his government.

The human psychology to cover up faults and crimes, as did the Nazis, will likely repeat over and over again as it is human nature not to accept responsibility for wrongdoings. Following their defeat at the end of WW2, the Nazis scrambled to cover up their crimes by destroying the death camps and forcing the prisoners to embark on brutal death marches through harsh conditions hoping they would perish. As the truth always finds its way out, their sins caught up with them, and justice was meted out over the ensuing years, leading to the creation of what we now know as the Nuremberg Code.

Post-pandemic, the UK appears to be the first nation that seems to have ‘undone’ the dead. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) in the UK has attempted to quell growing concerns about excess deaths since 2021 by changing how deaths are counted, thereby sealing any public concern. Quite quickly, those who died unexpectedly since 2021 somehow did not make it to their data pool, though they all did die. All this while the previous methodology was successfully used to create mass panic and fear, announcing the daily death numbers during the height of the pandemic. Is there an attempt to cover up and hide something, or are we seeing honesty at its best? Are we to forget the often-quoted adage that there are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics?

The year 2020 revealed peculiar human behaviours en-masse that raised a few eyebrows, especially in psychology. Known as the ‘bystander effect’ or the ‘Genovese syndrome’ cited in many modern psychology textbooks, it was first proposed and explored in 1964 following the brutal rape and murder of a New York bartender, Kitty Genovese, where it was erroneously reported by the New York Times that at least 38 people stood and watched the crime passively, doing nothing. This story is well described in psychology where it is described as the phenomenon of watching a crime or a disaster evolve rather than offering humanitarian assistance. Though the anecdote was misleading and false, this inborn human behaviour came to life during the Holocaust, where many individuals, German and non-Germans, were noted to be passive and took no action for a multitude of reasons. Living in a heavily policed state, beset with fears of loss of livelihood, being plagued by self-interests, fear of stalling career advancement and societal and personal economic progress, holding certain biases and beliefs and an unwavering faith and trust in authority were all contributory factors. 

Further, the Nazi regime manipulated the public’s fragile psyche by exposing them to the sheer might of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht or OKW (Wehrmacht High Command), which was part of the command structure of the German armed forces during World War II. Resistance or opposition to the OKW in any form was considered treacherous, carrying with it grave consequences, sometimes even death. A large majority of the people knew the atrocities were wrong but were silenced by the national propaganda and the fear of the OKW. While there was active cheerleading of the persecution by many, it was to be noted that the majority remained silent.

The psychology of crowds is quite fascinating. As free-thinking individuals, we are always analytical, questioning and reasoning about situations and vigilant and conscious of our surroundings when alone. On the contrary, in groups, we tend to lower our guard, feeling comfort in sharing responsibility (and blame) and the relief of not having a spotlight on ourselves. Ideological cohesiveness is a convenient but harmful merger of free-thinking human minds who would otherwise stand alone to fight for survival.

Fast forward to the 21st century, world events seem to be spinning quickly; of particular note is ‘the speed of science’. The pandemic has, however, exposed the population’s general apathy to these events as the majority steer clear of catastrophic events and debates, engrossed in surviving the day-to-day. From innocent people being killed in politically driven wars to the unashamed ushering in of gender ideology, climate-driven narratives or the COVID propaganda and its aftermath, all seem too complicated for the working class who are busy making ends meet. It’s seen, yet unseen to the harrowed, oblivious and unobserving.

To summarise, the vast majority of human tragedies, including those described in this article, were manufactured and avoidable if the systems of checks and balances, including human individualism, intuition and common sense, worked or were allowed to work. These catastrophes appear to comprise a cocktail of ideology, wilful ignorance, hubris, corruption and fraud, systemic faith, societal apathy, censorship and failures of regulators and people in authority meant to protect the public from harm. In these situations, every single time, the system failed.

The current world events and their conceptual drivers are the mainstay of 21st-century warfare, which has quite a different modus operandi. Unlike the days of the American Revolution when muskets and bayonets were the fancy, we now have a fractured and softened society that is played on with words by the toxic cocktail of global elites, sociopaths and narcissistic personalities. All this is then courteously obliged by the propagandising media (including social media). Perplexingly, today, everyone just falls in line and complies without a single shot needing to be fired. 

Many such disasters have occurred in history, and accountability has either been delayed, sometimes by a lifetime, or never occurred. However, what could be seen as likeness and similarities is the profound spell that falls on the world, taking decades to cast out. 

The events that took place globally from 2020 to manage the pandemic have indeed dug their claws deep for millions whose lives are perhaps still bleeding. Historian and holocaust survivor Saul Friedländer’s powerful insights from his 2007 interview with the Dissent magazine resonates as follows – “The voices of the victims—their lack of understanding, their despair, their powerful eloquence or their helpless clumsiness—these can shake our well-protected representation of events. They can stop us in our tracks. They can restore our initial sense of disbelief before knowledge rushes in to smother it.”

Four years from 2020, many people have begun to see the truth as much as people fighting the good fight can smell victory. It is no wonder that active proponents of vaccine mandates and other measures like Dr Nick Coatsworth, ex-Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Australia, has changed his views, acknowledging errors in judgement. The phrase ‘better late than never’ is best avoided in this instance after hundreds of thousands of needless deaths and millions of disabilities worldwide from the pandemic measures, not limited to coerced experimental treatments. It’s a curious case of a prescribed cure that has turned out to be worse than the disease, and who is now willing to take responsibility?

Hippocrates, often quoted as the father of medicine, states that we must take two actions to treat diseases, including epidemics: to help or at least not to harm. His words may be where the medical ethics phrase primum non-nocere originated. Unfortunately, once worth its weight in gold, the repeated assaults on this age-old ethical principle seem to have accelerated its long palliation to its untimely demise. 

As a physician on the ground at the forefront of pandemic management, I find the shadowy resemblances of historical events to current world affairs frightening. The willful ignorance of a fragmented, weak society aided by the weaponization of fear by evil-minded people and the voluntary surrender of our God-given freedoms and rights should concern everyone. Four years on, I shudder to think of what is to come if history is to be trusted to repeat itself, with a large portion of the public quite innocently unaware.

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