Attack on the Queensland Chief Health Officer

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Last week a report in The Courier-Mail carried the headline: Small group of scientists, clinicians call for CHO’s sacking, with shock claims of ‘let it rip’ Covid approachThey were referring to Dr John Gerrard, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer. These calls were made in advance of Dr Gerrard speaking at a major European scientific meeting on research findings from Queensland on ‘Long Covid’, which appear to indicate that chronic illness after Covid is no more common than any other virus, such as influenza.

The main author of the open letter to the Premier cites his affiliation with the World Health Network, an international organisation dedicated to discovering Covid therapies, with ‘Long Covid’ being one of its initiatives. Many of the co-signatories are overseas researchers and it’s noticeable that few if any of them are directly involved in patient care. To my knowledge only two hold a medical degree.

It’s not difficult to understand why the World Health Network would feel uncomfortable with Dr Gerrard’s research, given its commitment to ‘Long Covid’ projects. However, ASF finds it abhorrent that a largely overseas-based organisation should see fit to interfere with Queensland domestic healthcare policy, let alone demand from the Queensland Premier the resignation of a respected and experienced clinician.

Consequently, ASF has written to Queensland Premier Steven Miles condemning this personal attack and inviting Mr Miles to do likewise. ASF believes that Dr Gerrard has been the voice of reason in Queensland throughout the Covid era and deserves the gratitude of the Queensland people. Our letter to Mr Miles, adapted for the Web, can be seen below.

You can read the Courier-Mail report on our letter here (pay-walled).

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