Job one of ASF was to organise disparate independent thinkers who believe reform is both needed and possible, and broadly adhere to a few core guiding principles, while accepting that not all of those so organised will agree on everything and that that fact is a source of strength.
The freedom-oriented movement that has steadily grown and galvanised opposition to government and corporate coercion in the last four years has produced many brilliant analyses of problems and culprits. Yet precious little time has been spent thinking about how a better society could work, and what constructive next steps can
An unofficial series of 4 crucially important medical journal articles, 2 by me, appearing in major academic publisher Wiley’s Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice reveals that claims made about COVID-19 vaccines’ effectiveness and safety were exaggerated in the clinical trials and observational studies, which significantly impacts risk-benefit analyses.
While a lot of the alleged medical misconduct happens with the knowledge of a certain sect of corrupted scientists and physicians, a large proportion of innocent doctors are victims being exploited to generate lavish profits for the pharmaceutical industry.
On 9 March 2021, AHPRA and the National Boards, which regulate the health professions in Australia, issued a “Joint Position Statement” which effectively gagged doctors and other health practitioners from talking about the risks of the COVID-19 vaccines:
The only threat to democracy around here is MPs on the take from the industrial military and industrial pharma complexes. And MI6 and the CIA censoring social media and instigating colour revolutions all over the world by manipulating public opinion.
One way free speech was stolen was by turning liberalism back upon itself. In the United States there are public parks and squares where no prerogative of a given citizen supervenes over the collective liberal will.
Recently, I visited the local emergency department with a family member for what appeared to be a bad flu. For various reasons, this was an eye-opener, especially as I hadn’t been to the emergency department for a while.
This post contains the full session recordings of the Progress Through Science and Freedom Conference.
We are at an extraordinary time in history. In some ways, it feels great to be alive to tell the story. Different facets of our society and economies seem to be in a state of rapid transformation where the redistribution of power and handing over of sovereign freedoms in some

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