On this ANZAC Day long weekend, I hope you are feeling solidarity not only with freedom fighters of the past but with the increasing numbers of people in Australia and the world today who are coming to understand the folly of lockdowns as a response to Covid-19. Notwithstanding the recent
The throngs at Coogee Beach today would almost make you think that our policy settings had returned to normal. Sadly, I am still finding reason to keep sending these missives. Australia’s international borders are still closed, with standard air-mail services to most countries suspended; many of our domestic borders are
A chunky further update here with resources and opportunities to work against economic lockdowns as the right policy response to the Covid-19 phenomenon. The world seems gradually to be waking up, person by person, but the battle for sense in policymaking on this issue is still far from won. As
As France and Germany lock down again – and as Britain considers whether to follow suit – many people will be wondering: can’t we think of a better way to handle this pandemic? No one is in any doubt about the threat posed by the Coronavirus. But nor should there
Since I last wrote a month ago, a number of momentous events have signalling movement globally and within Australia away from economic lockdowns in response to Covid. I have selected several to highlight here. As always, please forward to others as you deem appropriate. The WHO has changed its stance
Another update here on the Covid situation and opportunities to push for sensible policy responses to it in Australia. Please liberally forward this message to others. First, the cost-benefit analysis that I submitted to the Victorian parliament – to my knowledge still the only detailed CBA of wholesale lockdown policies
An update here on some resources and information about opportunities to work towards sensible policies on Covid in Australia. First, a video recording of my PAEC testimony is available for viewing here:
Dear like-minded people, Two opportunities in the near future, described below, allow public voicing of arguments against wholesale lockdown of the populations in Australia and Victoria as a response against Covid-19. The first opportunity is presented by the hearings of the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee of the Victorian Parliament
When it comes to climate change, do you think that medical journals publish all the science that’s fit to print? Think again. It’s important to share my experience, so that when you hear activists claim “the science says” you can understand that data or analysis must first conform to the

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