2023 Conference session recordings

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Below are the full session recordings of the Progress Through Science and Freedom Conference, with thanks to Discernable.

Table of Contents

Welcome & opening remarks

[Download, 20MB]

Presented by Gigi Foster

Session 1A | Health Systems 1: New Quality Assurance, Insurance, and Service Delivery Mechanisms

[View/download, 417MB]

MC and Panel Moderator: Dr Julie Sladden, ASF

  • Robyn Cosford: “Disconnections, Dys- Connections: The Need to Reconnect”
  • Ros Nealon-Cook: “Shining a Light on Trauma & the Psyche: A bridge to reconnection after the Great COVID Divide”
  • Sanjeev Sabhlok: “Managing infectious disease externalities: 1) Sanitation, 2) Abolition of quarantine, 3) Isolation hospitals” [recorded presentation]
  • Dijana Dragomirovic: “The Roadmap to Transformation: Driving Change in Healthcare Quality Assurance and Private Insurance”

Session 1B | Media 1: Establishing and Sustaining New Media Channels

[View/download, 474MB]

MC and Panel Moderator: Dr Arief Farid, ASF

Session 2A | Places 1: Avalon, Melbourne, Sydney, National Themed Communities

[View/download, 511MB]

MC and Panel Moderator: Professor Gigi Foster, UNSW / ASF

  • Topher Field (Melbourne): “Good People Break Bad Laws”
  • Christian “Mack” Marchegiani (Sydney): “Courage & Conviction in the face of Tyranny”
  • Vicki and Neil Barnett (Avalon): “Light Beyond the Campfire – A Practical Guide to Building a Community Lifeboat”
  • Selki (National Themed Communities): “Forests of the Fallen: Building a nationwide grassroots community”

Session 2B | Markets and Organisations: New Approaches for Companies, NFPs and NGOs

[View,download, 420MB]

MC and Panel Moderator: Professor James Allan, University of Queensland / ASF

Plenary session | ‘Where are we now, and what’s next?’: The perspectives of individual ASF members

[Download, 371MB]

Acknowledgement of Sponsors and Contributors

Moderated ASF Panel: The Past, Present, and Future of Australians for Science and Freedom – and of

Session 3A | Law 1: Promoting Human Rights and Freedom

[View, download, 493MB]

MC and Panel Moderator: Dr Robert Brennan, ASF

  • James Allan: “Failures of our human rights institutions during Covid”
  • Iain Benson: “Human Rights, Legal Positivism and Natural Law: Why Australia has Gone the Wrong Direction”
  • Stephen Chavura: “Religious Freedom and Free Speech”
  • Peter Fam: “Defending Human Rights in Australia”

Session 3B | Education 1: New Directions in Pre-University Education

[View, download, 508MB]

MC and Panel Moderator: Professor Paul Frijters, LSE/MBSC / ASF

  • Mark Hornshaw: “Compulsory Schooling or Self-Directed Learning. Can we find a better way to do childhood?”
  • Fiona May: “A Little Ray of Sunshine: Promoting better perinatal care to support early childhood health and development”
  • Nick Blismas: “Why wouldn’t we want to educate our own kids?”
  • Jason Strecker: “Rebuilding education and relationships for a better future”

Session 4A | Media 2: Promoting Diversity in Media

[View, download, 495MB]

MC and Panel Moderator: Dr Julie Sladden, ASF

Session 4B | Polity and Policy: Direct Democratic Revival

[View, download, 509MB]

MC and Panel Moderator: Professor Paul Frijters, LSE/MBSC / ASF

  • Murray Hancock: “The Decline of Public (and Private) Discourse – What Is To Be Done?”
  • Iain Walker: “Balancing Noisy Voices with Regular People: Why Citizens’ Assemblies can Change Our Politics”
  • Gigi Foster: “Citizen-Jury Appointments as a Direct Democratic Strategy”

[View, download, 492MB]

MC and Panel Moderator: Peter Fam, Maat’s Method / ASF

  • Libby Klein: “WHO Power Grab – Life as you know it is ending, if you let them have their way”
  • Melissa McCann: “David v Goliath: The power and influence of individual ethical behaviour against corrupt global forces”
  • Katie Ashby-Koppens: “Legal Challenges and Lessons from New Zealand; National class-action: Going after all the bad actors”
  • Julian Gillespie: “The AVN & Australian Babies Cases – Going after Pfizer and Moderna directly – Hope in a national class action lawsuit”

Session 5B | Health Systems 2: Promoting Health through Medical Freedom

[not yet available]

MC and Panel Moderator: Dr Lise Legault, ASF

  • Philip C Burcham: “Transgressive Wonder Molecules or Prematurely Deployed Toxic Disasters? A Veteran Toxicologist’s Personal Perspective”
  • David Richards: “‘‘Granny Killers!’ The case for closing classrooms” and “Unravelling Excess Deaths”
  • Julie Sladden: “Reclaiming Healthcare: How to take back your healthcare from the government”

Session 6A | Places 2: Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, Byron Bay

[View, download, 499MB]

MC and Panel Moderator: Dr Melissa McCann, ASF

  • Abby Begeta: “Empowering Change Through Information and Connection: Building a Grassroots Community Movement (Moving Forward Sunshine Coast)”
  • Peter Rowan (Byron Bay): “Local Responses to Health and Economic Crises”
  • Graham Hood (Newcastle): “Bringing Real Manhood Back to Restoration”

Session 6B | Education 2: New Models for Higher Education and Scientific Discovery

[not yet available]

MC and Panel Moderator: Professor Nick Blismas, RMIT, ASF

  • Cameron Murray: “Where does science happen and why?”
  • Paul Oslington: “Can new universities shake up the Australian higher education cartel?”
  • Paul Frijters: “A new Enlightenment model of a university”

Closing remarks

[Download, 87MB]

Presented by Gigi Foster

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