January 30, 2022

Dr David Richard explains how the belief-based worst-case scenario Covid modelling employed by some epidemiologists has led to disastrous public policy decisions.
Dr David Richards criticises governments and the WHO for failing to apply scientific rigour and falling prey to confirmation bias when assessing lockdowns.
Dr David Richards discusses the largely questionable or undone science in relation to face masks, and the potential harm of wearing masks.
Dr David Richards discusses vaccine mandates in view of the different risk profiles of different age groups, saying that vaccine mandates are not based on scientifically validated information.
Dr David Richards explains how mRNA vaccines are meant to work, and he discusses the complications that have arisen with these substances, including some of the serious side-effects that have been reported.
Prof Paul Frijters explores why modern societies are captive to a self-destructive, neo-medieval sin ideology.
Prof Paul Frijters talks about society’s gradual decline into serfdom under the rule of the current elites, and the importance of self-respecting citizens joyfully standing up for their rights and giving themselves the gift of freedom.
Prof Paul Frijters explains why vaccine hesitancy is a rational response considering the risk/benefit equation of the Covid vaccine, and why governments using propaganda and coercion to benefit themselves and the producers of these products reminds him of darker times in history.
Prof Paul Frijters discusses the enormous long-term health, social and economic costs of lockdowns which will inevitably lead to increased tax rates.

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